Disability Support Services

Support at home

Whether you need support with tasks around the house or getting out into the community, our mentors are ready to provide you with personalised support that supports you to achieve your goals.

Ticking things off your to-do list and establishing a routine can boost your independence and lighten your workload. Whether you just need a little help getting things done or you’re looking to Improve your skills around the home, our experienced mentors are happy to assist wherever possible, while respecting the privacy you deserve in your own home.

Are you keen to improve your skills in the kitchen? From following recipes to using new tools and techniques, we can help you gain the skills you need to prepare your meals just the way you like them.

Cleaning effectively around the house is a worthwhile skill that can help you to be more organised. A more organised environment is an often under-utilised tool to help you stay focused and relaxed. The act of cleaning can even be therapeutic 

Brush up on your organisational skills to improve your productivity and free up more time for leisure and recreation.

In need of some TLC? Let’s work together to make self care part of your daily routine so that you’re giving back to yourself in ways that enable you to feel rested, rejuvenated and allow you to be your authentic self.

Support in the Community

Engaging in community activities and events can reward you with social connection and meaningful experiences. We’re big fans of breaking down barriers so that we can connect you with the things you love and people you enjoy spending time with. Check out our list of suggested activities below and if you don’t see something you love then get in touch so we can work together to find the perfect activity for you.

Ready to be more active and reap the rewards that come with it? Whether you want to join a fitness group, a basketball team or football league. Get moving, meet new friends and link up with like minded people.

Live action at its finest, get a hot seat to the game at your favourite sporting event. Whether you’re into AFL, Rugby, basketball or anything else we’ll help you squeeze the most out of game day.

Are you keen for an upcoming event and need support to buy tickets and attend? Whether it’s your favourite band, a comedy show or something else we’d love to help you be a part of it. We can even help you find out what’s on and set notifications for your favourite events.

Build your skills and knowledge to make meaningful progress towards your dream career

Nurture your creative side and spend time with others who share your passion. From painting & drawing to theatre, museums & history.

Get involved with your local community in ways that engage and fulfil you while learning skills you can apply everywhere. Work with animals, help out with a local event, spend your days gardening and much more!

Live your dream and learn to play the instrument you’ve always wanted to play. Submerge your senses in experiences that give you goosebumps and make you smile ear to ear.

More than just good company

Empowering people of all abilities to make their own decisions, and enjoy meaningful experiences.

More than just good company

Empowering people of all abilities to make their own decisions, and enjoy meaningful experiences.

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