The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government scheme that funds costs associated with disability. The scheme was rolled out gradually across Australia, going into full operation in 2020.

The scheme enables individuals under the age of 65 with a ‘permanent and significant’ disability to funding for disability-associated costs. It is publicly funded and applicants are not means tested.

Good Company delivers support and services to help people with their everyday needs, build their capacity to become more independent and live a more fulfilled life. 

Our services include:

  • Support: Support with whatever you need assistance with getting done.
  • Mentoring: Skill development and training to build your skills and increase your independence.
  • Employment: Improve your employment prospects and earn an above average award wage with Good Company.
  • Respite Holidays: Your dream getaway with no out-of-pocket expenses. Approach your goals with fresh energy after a well-deserved break for you and your family.
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I need to apply for NDIS funding

It’s easy to get in touch with the National Disability Insurance Agency to begin your application for NDIS funding. You can make an access request by:
  • Calling the NDIA on 1800 800 110 and asking to make an access request. NDIS staff can help you to make a verbal application, a quick and easy option if you’re not a fan of paperwork.
  • Completing and submitting an access request form and sending via email to NAT@ndis.gov.au
  • Contacting your local LAC or NDIA office. You can use Google to find their contact details.
  • If you’d like some help finding more information or applying for the NDIS you can use the below link to contact us.

I'm an NDIS participant looking for support

We’d love to discuss the goals you’re working towards and how you can leverage the skills, resources and experience of the team at Good Company.

We meet with participants prior to commencing services so that we can share more about Good Company and the way we work. We will introduce you to one of our mentors to ensure you’re well informed and comfortable to move forward with Good Company.



Good Company Disability Supports is a provider that offers a range of support to NDIS participants. 

Our mission is to leverage our skills and experience of our team to set a new standard in disability support. We provide high quality services that align with our vision, our values and the goals of the NDIS. The work we do and the standard we hold ourselves to puts us in a strong position to support you to achieve your goals and makes us proud to be Good Company Disability Supports.

Take a look what we do.

Disclaimer: Good Company Disability Supports is a provider of Disability support services that accepts payment from participants who have the required & relevant funding under the NDIS. While we provide services in line with the NDIS goals and standards we do not represent the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency).

You may be eligible for funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme if you:

  • Are under 65 years of age
  • Have a permanent condition or impairment
  • Are an Australian citizen, resident or permanent visa holder

Yes we accept private (non-NDIS) funding. Get in touch if you’d like more information.

More than just good company

Empowering people of all abilities to make their own decisions, and enjoy meaningful experiences.

More than just good company

Empowering people of all abilities to make their own decisions, and enjoy meaningful experiences.

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