Margaret River

Are you ready for a holiday?

Slip away to serenity in the south with a warm and welcoming Margaret River Retreat. You’ll be amazed at the countless wonders this place has to offer as you spend your days unwinding amongst some of the most amazing landscapes you’ve ever seen in your life.


Discover the intricate limestone labyrinths hidden beneath the surface. Tour at your own pace or choose a a guided tour with great commentary. There’s also an ‘abseil your way in’ expedition for seasoned adventurers.

A Maze'N

Discover the intricate limestone labyrinths hidden beneath the surface. Tour at your own pace or choose a a guided tour with great commentary. There’s also an ‘abseil your way in’ expedition for seasoned adventurers.

Dunsborough Jetski Tour

Explore the picturesque coastline of Dunsborough on a thrilling JetSki tour. The only jet-ski tour in the Southwest, this adventure is for all ages and abilities and comes with full safety briefings and tutorials prior to the tour. You may even see dolphins, sea lions and whales!

Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Centre

Established in 1987 to provide homes for permanently disabled birds of prey, Eagles Heritage opened its gates to the public for the first time in 1998 and had been a crowd favourite ever since. Marvel at the daily flight display or get up close and personal with an Eagle, hawk, falcon or owl sitting on your arm.

Whale-Watching and Jet-Boating

An estimated 35,000 Humpback, Southern Right, Minke and Blue whales migrate from the Antarctic right through the Margaret River Region between June and December every year. Spot these amazing creatures from the top of Cape Leeuwin lighthouse or up close from one of the purpose built whale-watching vessels. If you’re a thrill-seeker, take part in the Jet-Adventure tour which combines adventure with breathtaking views aboard the high speed jet boat.

Sunflowers Animal Farm

Over 350 friendly animals to pat, feed and play with. With hand’s on baby animal nursery and twice-daily feeding sessions, there something for all animal lovers. Take a lunch break at the local picnic and barbecue spots before getting back to the animals!

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory

Only a short drive from Margaret River, Busselton Jetty is one of only six underwater observatories in the world! Discover more than 300 different marine species in their natural environment through eleven viewing windows as far down as 8m below the water’s surface.

Busselton Jetty Undersea Walk

Have you ever dreamt of walking along the ocean floor? Explore the underwater wonders around the 150 year old Busselton Jetty using a state-of-the-art SeaTREK helmet. Unlike traditional scuba-diving, this activity is safe for people of all ages and abilities and doesn’t require any diving experience. Equipment and training are provided by the team of professionals that operate the undersea walks.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse - Guided Tour

Venture atop the incredible lighthouse and be rewarded with breathtaking ocean views. A guided tour takes explorers up an easy stair-climb to the top balcony on the lighthouse, with information on its construction and history during the 30min session.

Margaret River Farmers’ Market

Enjoy a tasty meal while meeting the locals on this relaxing Saturday morning activity. From humble beginnings the Margaret River Market has become a weekly tradition with up to 50 stalls. Most stalls are operated by the people who grow or make the produce which makes the Margaret River Market one of only a few genuine Farmers’ Markets in the state.

Forest Adventures South West

This high rope adventure with 6 courses spans eight acres of pristine natural bush land. There’s options for all ages and abilities with flying foxes, base jumps and spider webs – or simply hang out in the trees and enjoy the scenery. Entry gives you two hours of treetop adventure.

Floating Euphoria

Float therapy is scientifically proven to promote a heightened state of relaxation. Drift off as you float on the surface of the magnesium filled water inside the float pod which blocks out all light and sound. Combine your float with a massage and a cup of tea for the ultimate way to unwind.

Jester’s Flat Horse Riding

Love horses? Jester’s Flat horse riding adventures can be enjoyed by anyone from first-timers to seasoned riders. With rides ranging from the hour long Rosa Brook Bushlands beginner ride to the 2.5 hour relaxed ride through the world famous Karri forest or the half day forest trek, the horseback adventures at Jester’s Flat will not disappoint!

Margaret River canoe tour

Enjoy panoramic views off surfers point where the river meets the ocean. Paddle past forested Kangaroo habitat and savour a wild foods lunch together with locally made pestos, chutneys, dips and baked breads. You’ll find it hard to leave this pristine native ecosystem with its unique forests and tranquil waters.

Eco Adventures quad bike tour

Explore the wonders of the National Park on an electric quad bike throughout this 1.5 hour, 18km joy ride through the forest. Quad bikes are equipped with iPads which aid in showcasing the features of each location you visit along the tour. PLEASE NOTE: a drivers or learners licence is required for riders

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