What can be funded through the NDIS?

Once you are an approved participant of the NDIS, it can be difficult to understand exactly how you can best utilise your funding. There are currently three categories of funding that is offered by the NDIS in order for participants to meet their short, medium and long term goals. These are; core, capital and capacity building supports. Below is a brief outline of the different types of supports that can be funded through the NDIS

CORE Support is a broad funding category for day-to-day activities and progress towards your plan goals. It covers things like;

Support for daily activities like grocery shopping or cleaning your home.

Transport. On public transport, using a ride share service or reimbursing support workers for transport during your supports.

Consumables. Everyday items like continence products or low cost assistive technology to improve your independence.

Assistance with community participation. For support workers to assist you with participating in social activities.

CAPACITY BUILDING Supports are aligned with your plan goals and intended to build your skills, abilities and resources. This type of funding provides support for things like support coordination, finding and keeping a job, and exercise or diet advice to manage the impact of your disability.

CAPITAL Supports relates to modifications or assistive technology that you may need in order to live a more fulfilled life and reach your goals. These can include; mobility equipment such as walkers or hand rails in areas of the home. It also covers Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) for participants who require special housing as a result of their disability.

What can’t be funded through the NDIS?

It’s important to remember that the NDIS provides funding for equipment or support that is required as a result of your disability. NDIS funding can’t pay for things like; gym membership, activities or non-SDA housing costs. If you’re ever in doubt about what is or isn’t able to be funded through your plan you can speak with your support coordinator or the NDIS directly here.

If you’d like more information regarding these types of funding and whether or not a certain item can be funded through the NDIS, reach out to us at: hello@goodcompanyds.com.au

If you’d like a more detailed rundown of the information above, check the official NDIS page here.

More than just good company

Empowering people of all abilities to make their own decisions, and enjoy meaningful experiences.

More than just good company

Empowering people of all abilities to make their own decisions, and enjoy meaningful experiences.

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