We’re proud to have an amazingly diverse team of passionate people with a common goal of improving the lives of people living with disability. You can read more about us below.

Joshua Bartlett


My passion for working with people living with disability started while supporting a young man with Down syndrome who was struggling to transition into adulthood. As we worked together I was inspired at the way he faced challenges and how hard he worked to improve his skills. I started Good Company Disability Supports in 2019 and I am very grateful that I get to spend my time supporting the wonderful people that we work with. To be themselves, to find employment, to build independence and to live the life they choose.

Caleb Shirvani


During my time at University studying marketing I worked in the sales and service industry. After graduating I found I was in need of a more meaningful career path. Since then I’ve felt a great deal of purpose and fulfilment in helping people with a disability reach their goals and realise their potential. I discovered that working with people is more aligned with my values and I’m grateful to be a part of this industry. As a part of Good Company, I have the opportunity to utilise the skills I learnt at university to benefit people with a disability on a larger scale.

Bahareh Shirvani

Mentor / Owner of Little Dough Dealer

An established home baker, small business owner and qualified personal trainer, I’ve spent eight years supporting people of all abilities. Led by my curiosity, I love to meet new people and share experiences. I’m grateful for the opportunity to use my fitness knowledge to support people to improve their health in practical and sustainable ways.

Luke Williams


I’m studying at ECU to become a primary school teacher. I have a passion for bodybuilding as well as anything that involves pop culture and I collect DVDs, funko pops, and anything to do with The Lord of the Rings. I was born in England and moved to Australia when I was 8. I love living here and can’t see myself ever moving back. Through my time here I have met many amazing people who have always gone above and beyond to do their best for me, and I want to repay that back into the world. I do this by making sure that everyone smiles at least once a day. Laughter and fun are the best kinds of medicine. When I am not at the gym you can find me either watching movies or playing video games.

My favourite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy. My favourite games are always changing but I loved the recent Spider-Man games.
I am a competitive bodybuilder and have a wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. This is my biggest passion and I’m always more than excited to give any help possible to fellow enthusiasts.

Seeing people achieve goals and work towards becoming the best version of themselves is something I am passionate about. Watching someone do something they never thought possible is a feeling that never gets old. 

John Berdin


I was born in the Philippines and came to Australia when I was a baby.
I live with my parents and my sisters & I study nursing at Curtin University as a stepping stone to become a paramedic. I enjoy the outdoors and travelling as it allows me to explore and adventure. I also like to hike, go camping, fishing and sightseeing, going to the gym and working out to stay fit and healthy. Working as a support worker is satisfying as it allows me to create meaningful experiences in the lives of the people I support, which instill a sense of personal achievement by assisting them in living their lives to the fullest. 
I am a support worker because I want to make a positive difference in someone’s life.  

Louise Hales


I have always had a heart for helping people so it was a natural and welcomed progression to begin a career in disability support. I’ve spent many years and much delight in raising my four children. Now that they’ve left home I find fulfilment in utilising my skills and qualifications to support people living with disability. My role has been incredibly rewarding and I am grateful to work in a role where I can use my passion and skill set to improve lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to make such a difference and I feel fortunate to be able to live my passion by helping people to enrich their lives on a daily basis.

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